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A Whitewashed Tomb

A Dystopian YA Novel about forgiveness, revenge, and impossible choices.

A Whitewashed Tomb follows the vengeful journey of Tabitha Clay, whose search for her estranged father leads her to a specialized institute for the upper class. While it seems picture-perfect on the outside, the school is run by a headmistress who will stop at nothing to maintain what she calls ‘peace.’ She recruits Tabitha to hunt down her father, who is a wanted felon, promising that if she does her dying mother will be brought back to health. With each sabotage and betrayal Tabitha performs at the headmistress’s request, however, Tabitha begins to wonder if payback is really worth the price.


Reader Reviews

Smart, sassy, and captivating!
— Amazon Customer
Any Hunger Games, Divergent, or Fahrenheit 451 fans will enjoy this thrilling adventure!
— Rebecca
The characters are so relatable and I grew attached to them instantly.
— Heather
The theme of forgiveness was my favorite part of the book, and allowed for good reflection.
— Lauren
If you appreciate Katniss’ strength and Tris’ vigor, Tabitha’s courage and punchy attitude will certainly not leave you disappointed.
— Jessica
Each page is more exciting than the last.
— Sean



Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2018 Finalist in Young Author category (written by under age 25)


About The Author

Rebecca Loomis is a photographer and graphic designer from the New York Hudson Valley. During college, she studied under screenwriter Christopher Riley, who is considered “The most authoritative figure for the official screenplay format of Hollywood,” according to IMDb. Switching gears from entertainment media to mass communications, Rebecca graduated summa cum laude from Benedictine College. She then spent three years doing stateside missionary work, counseling college students for the nonprofit Saint Paul’s Outreach, after which she dabbled in marketing at BBG&G Advertising. Rebecca has won multiple awards for her poetry, published articles in various media outlets, and teaches online classes through




Special Thanks

After many years of planning, outlining, writing, and editing, A Whitewashed Tomb is finally a reality! Huge thank you to my family and friends who encouraged me along the way, beta read and copyedited my manuscript, and challenged me to write the best novel I could possibly write. I couldn't have done it without y'all. Now, on to book #2!

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What's Next?


Currently in the works is the sequel to A Whitewashed Tomb as well as a stand-alone novel called All Hail Fido.


A Whitewashed Tomb Book II

When her twin unexpectedly arrives at Providence Institute for Higher Education, Tabitha must save Mayra Mae from Lilith's ultimate plan for power.

ETA: Mid-2019

All Hail Fido

In a world where pet worship is the bedrock of society, one girl and her dog have to fight for their lives against a hypocritical government.

ETA: 2020-21