The logo is a combination of an anchor and three sails, which together form a lighthouse. Each of these elements has a distinct meaning that reflects what I hope to accomplish with my creative works.

The anchor and sails combined represent a paradox of stability and motion: I am anchored in what I believe but ever moving towards new horizons.

Plato’s unshakable transcendentals of goodness, truth and beauty are what move me to create. These are represented by the three sails. Rooted in these, I can transcend trends. Fads come and go, but what is intrinsic will never lose its value. 

Highlighting these three within my works, I can create treasures that will resonate with any audience, and use them to shine light into a darkened world. That’s the lighthouse.

I do not create to appeal to the general public, but to speak truths that will live beyond my little life. Like an anchor, I will not be moved by the waves of the world to compromise. An anchor is a symbol of stability and hope, a message that inspires mankind to be still and contemplate truth. 

Simultaneously, I refuse to become set in my ways. Like a ship, I am on a journey–always moving forward, trying new things, and exploring new horizons.