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Becca was professional, sweet and excited to take our engagement photos! We had fun with her and loved seeing her creative side come out too. She is reliable and got our photos to us quickly. We loved her style and how elegant she made us look. Becca is precise and such a delight to work with! 

–Matt & Andrea, Minnesota


I usually prefer being behind of the camera as opposed to in font of it, but Becca's warmth and kindness definitely put me at ease. She is very professional, has a an extremely well-trained eye, and has mastered the merging of her professional and artistic opinions with the creative input and preferences of her clients. Working with Becca was such a delight; I look forward to working with her again in the future!

–Rebecca, Texas


I've worked with many photographers over the last four years as a model, and Becca is my favorite! She is one of the best photographers I've ever had the pleasure to work with! She is very professional, got the photos to me in a timely manner, and was fun and easy to work with during the shoot. I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs! Her unique style of editing and creative vision definitely set her apart from other photographers that I've shot with. I've shot with her in multiple sessions, and I look forward to working with her on many more in the future.

–Heather, New York



She photographed my wedding. Maybe the best photographer I know!

–Katy, Pennsylvania




I was recommended to Rebecca when I started up my company. I didn't have any background in logo design, branding, mission statement or you name it! Rebecca walked me through the whole process and gave me great questions to answer to define who and what my company is. The final outcome absolutely blew me away! The attention to detail she put in her work, and working with me to make sure she got exactly what I wanted in my branding and then some! If you want people to take your business serious, it is important to have a professional bring your vision to life, and Rebecca absolutely does that! I can't recommend her enough!

–Blake Beaudry, Beaudry Hometown Insurance


Rebecca’s done a great job putting together an attractive, professional site and she’s been terrifically responsive to any requests we’ve made.  It’s been a pleasure to work with her.

–Jacob Popcak, Catholic Family Life Symposium


Rebecca is extremely creative and manages her business dealings in a very professional way- a rare combination. She understands marketing/branding and how to bring her clients vision to fruition. Looking forward to working with her again. Highly Recommend.

–Douglas Hutchings Jr., One Voice Media


RLM took my abstract idea and made it reality. The logo Rebecca designed is catching a lot of attention and my business is doing very well because of it. There is no compromise in Rebecca's work; the quality is professional and the price is fair. I highly recommend her services.

–Joe Loomis, Northman Services


Rebecca did an outstanding job redesigning our website. Plastic surgery website design is a very competitive arena, and what she made for us is top of the line. It's appealing, informative, and a breeze to use on all devices. If you want your website to represent you and your business clearly with artistry and class, I highly recommend Rebecca Loomis Media.

–Mario Loomis, Loomis Plastic Surgery


I recently graduated from nursing school, and I wanted my announcements to encompass all the pride and hard work that went into it! My graduation photos were scheduled later than I wanted, which meant that designing the announcements came with a time crunch. Fortunately, that was no problem for Rebecca! After brainstorming, she came up with a classy yet streamlined design that I adored in almost no time flat. Her customer service was exceptional as well; she took the time to make sure I understood how to print them correctly, then did the printing herself for a very reasonable cost when I couldn't figure it out. The entire process was incredibly smooth, and my announcements were sent out on time. I highly recommend her talents!!

–Jessica, Texas State University Graduate




Learning to Look: An Intro to Taking Better Photos

“Simple and useful content, a very nice introduction to photography. Thank you for this class Rebecca”
–Wayan Fajar

“Becca deals with stuff that truly makes or breaks a photo - better still, the concepts she introduces are universal, no matter what kind of camera (or smartphone) you are using to capture light. Do yourself a favor, spend a couple of minutes watching the videos of this super-compact class and delight in your enhanced vision! ;)”
–Peter P.

“In-depth lessons without going too far into what I’m not here to learn (camera settings).”
–Lizz Holla

“I would recommend this as the Zero-th set of videos for anyone who is interested to learn from ground up. Rebecca Loomis uses simple and direct language to explain. Completely worth your time spent!”
–Annie Mathen

“Nice and simple. Very first level basics of photo. As an intro to the subject it was really good.”
–João Guilherme

"I never took a photo that looked balanced until I took this course. What a godsend!"
–Gary Jenkins

"Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! you have been extremely helpful in guiding me through what I need to consider when taking photos for my blog."

"Simplistic approach to a complex art form. The instructor was poised & had a straightforward approach to fundamentals of taking better photos."

"This course is very useful and gave me more confident to give it a try to take more photos. Importantly, it changed the way I look at things!"

"This class is awesome! Very helpful in learning fundamental photography skills, and I love the teacher's subtle & witty humor :D"

"Had no expectations for this class, but within 30 mins had such a better understanding of photo composition, proper lighting, feel and angles. Really, really great short course. Thank you!"

"Really clear examples that illustrate the key messages from the course. I felt like I got a lot of immediately actionable tips to apply to my photography. Rebecca is also a well-practiced teacher and the quality of the video was high."

"This is a great tutorial session! I figured I knew something about photography going into the class and now I have a better sense of the vital basic steps to making a great photo! Thank you for taking the time to put this together."

"So far the most informative and helpful class I've ever encountered on Skillshare, I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you!"

"Definitely for beginners but my daughter just got her first camera and it was the perfect level for her. It got her to think about everything that goes into a good picture. She is now spending more time setting up her shots and she's taken a couple of really nice pictures already."

"Very good course for thinking creatively about your images; don't just point and shoot - think about it!"

"It was very useful and fun to go through the videos and the assignments. I learned how to give meaning and to elicit different emotions with your photos."

"Great intro class for beginners! Leaving with a great tool box for taking better photos. Thanks Rebecca!"

"One of the best Skillshare classes I have watched so far."

"Great introductory course which helps to highlight possible areas of improvement and introduces students to many aspects of photography that they may benefit from with more in-depth studies on those topics."
–Jasmine Wong


Story Structure: 8 Essentials for Outlining Your Novel or Script

“This helped me so much to understand everything i didnt before! thank you so much!”
Allison Schaefer

“I've been a pants writer for a long time. I realized that's because I didn't actually know how to write a proper outline. This class has actually brought me somewhere "towards the middle," as advertised. I've been seeking out classes like this for some time across the web and I have to say this has had the biggest impact on my writing thus far.”
–Jordan Meek

“Thank you! I absolutely appreciate your method of teaching. I feel that I have finally found the information that I’ve always thought would be impossible for me to describe, let alone ask for. You have answered so many of my questions. Your explanations and examples are absolutely gold! I honestly can say it enough, Thank you.”

“Really enjoyed how this was laid out. I think material in general lends to requiring prior experience in writing, so I wouldn't say it's for beginners exactly, although it would be a good place for beginners to dive in.”
–Rick Helpa

“This is a great breakdown of story structure that is presented in a straightforward manner with easy-to-follow examples. The pacing is perfect and this is great for a new writer or an experienced one needing a refresher. I highly recommend checking it out!”
–Randy Robbins

“This class is awesome, clear, and direct. Thank you!”
–Amber Bryant

“This is the first class I've engaged with on Skillshare, and it has been an incredible introduction to the service. Rebecca is a warm and well spoken teacher with clear, precise instructions organised in a well-structured lesson plan. Her videos provide great insight into the process of structuring a story, and provided prompts and examples which did a wonderful job of helping me flesh out my own story. Generally a very high quality class applicable to all levels of skill and
–Ken Lanyon

“I've been trying to figure out a way to outline my novel ideas for a while. This course has helped me out so much. It allowed me to simplify a process that I'd made too complicated for myself.”
–Jada Washington

"Very insightful. Seems to be inspired by/borrowed from the Hero's Journey, but presented in a new way that fits more modern storytelling. I took notes for my own project, and I encourage other students to do the same!”
–Kerry Roepke

"Rebecca - GREAT JOB! I like all the interesting questions that you asked us. The prompts were wonderful and overall enjoyed everything about the class. I will be sure to take your other classes and I'm going to get your authored book. The only insight I might offer is to pick up the pace of talking, your quite and slow delivery reminded me of a Victorian romance voice over artist. It was soothing and relaxing when it should be more inspiring and exciting to move us to what to jump in and create complex characters. (and loved eye makeup - very pretty)"
–Kay Mac

"Very thorough. Would totally recommend to first time novelists."
–Ginger Wells

"Rebecca's voice is incredibly calming and soft, I found it almost therapeutic listening to this class! :) The layout of this lesson is neatly structured and organized, something I highly value. The content is of high quality, providing a sound guidance while simultaneously leaving room and space to play with the way your story unfolds. Overall, this was just the course I was looking for, it sparked so many ideas in me and I can only highly recommend it!"
–Victoria Völker

"This class goes over all of the essentials to building a great story from scratch and gives the writer so many options and ideas for writing. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is struggling to start a book or just can't seem to figure out "where do I go from here in the writing process?""
–Carlee Holcomb

"This class was very inspirational. I am a writer by trade but I am always interested in hearing other views and formats. I highly recommend this class."
–Jayson Stonne

"This was a great overview of merging the classic Hero's Journey with the traditional 3-act play, showing them to be ultimately the same thing in an easily digestible way."
–Cynthia Payne

"Well presented and thorough. I've saved it, and plan to go through it over and over as I develop my story, and post in the class projects."

"Well structured, balanced and informative class, each point backed up by examples. I've learned a lot and now have something to get me started with confidence. Thank you."

"A very well organized and practical lesson. Thank you very much. It was the best way to refresh my memory about the most important things to consider when writing."

"Really complete, with perfectly good examples, and in full detail. Thank you so much, helped me a lot!"

"I really learned a lot on how to structure my story and created an outline that will give me a good path to write with."

"Interesting and detailed look at the 3 act structure. Well made!"

"Very informative. I think I was following most of this structure format without even realizing it, but this also pointed out my missteps and I am sure I will use this knowledge in the future."

"Great lesson and I love the examples used. It helps you really understand what she is talkin about and it gets ideas buzzing for sure!"

"Great crash course here; really concise and easy to follow."

"Really enjoyed this outline overview. Always useful to refresh ideas for how to keep my writing on track."

"Great class, thank you, Rebecca. :) It took me back to basics which was something I needed the most, really. I guess it's important to take a step back and look at storytelling from a macro perspective because when the macro part of a story doesn't work, the micro part won't work either. I'm looking forward to following classes. :)"

"This is absolutely an excellent teaching on Story Structure, one of the best I've seen. And I've seen a few. Thank you, Rebecca."

”Thank you for explaining everything very clearly and concisely.”
–Madeline Golangco


Making A Hero: Protagonist Development for Film & Fiction

“The presentation is beautiful and the content make me think deeper. I did not expect this class to be so insightful”
–Annike Taljaard

“It was really amazing! youve helped me alot, thank you so much!”
–Allison Schaefer

“I've been writing for years and this is the first time I've had someone explain the basics of character in such a clear and concise manner.”
–Candace Fykes

"Complete, to the point and very inspiring. Thank you very much!"
–Carolina Machuca

"This class is excellent in that is asks great questions to assist the writer in creating a character that is believable and someone you would want to spend time with. Thanks! Truly helpful."
–Tracey Hutzler

"This class was very interesting. I definitely will use the information to develop my characters."
–Tyana Jackson

"This is great class. It really helps you think out your story and your characters. It is also short and easy to follow. I would also like to recommend Rebecca's other class 'Story Structure: 8 Essentials for Outlining Your Novel or Script' It too has helped me greatly. Thanks Rebecca!!"
–Grace Crosina

"Rebecca Loomis is an excellent instructor of fiction writing. Her class on Story Structure and this one on Character Development have helped me tremendously, although I am not a total novice. Very well done. Thank you, Rebecca"
–Judy McArthur

"I have been writing for well over a decade and find this to be an incredibly useful course for setting up an engaging protagonist. Would definitely recommend to others!"
–Jamie Humphrey

"This is so awesome thank you very much, made me think in the other sides of my characters and how and why he acted the way I made him do! Short and effective course."
–Ach Hadda


Book Reviews

A Whitewashed Tomb


Through its heart, humor, honesty, and simply good storytelling, A Whitewashed Tomb, keeps the reader enthralled through each and every chapter. Each page is more exciting than the last. You cannot help but become invested in the lovable (and not so lovable) characters in this dystopian novel. Loomis' novel has the remarkable ability to entertain the reader while showcasing the values of friendship, loyalty, courage, family, and the daily battle we all face to do the right thing.
Now, Stop reading my review and go read the book.

–Sean Williams


This book is amazing!
It's a dystopian novel set in a time when there is no more war and everyone is provided for: a dreamworld that many would say we should be working toward. A Whitewashed Tomb does an excellent job, however, of flushing out the trade-offs inherent in this world of the proverbial "free lunch."

But this is not a political novel. It is a fast-paced, extremely clever drama centered around Tabitha Clay, a young woman who suffers with a dying mother and an absent father; who yearns to fix things, but makes mistakes; who is imperfect and flawed, impulsive and emotional. In other words, she is human. Once I began the story, I could not put it down. The intensity builds incessantly to an emotional catharsis rivaling a classic operatic climax in which the reader comes to experience the essence of human weakness, love, strength, and forgiveness.
I can't wait for the sequel!



Such an awesome book! The characters are so relatable and I grew attached to them instantly. I love that Rebecca keeps you on your toes with the story, there are so many exciting twists and turns. I couldn't put it down! 👌🏻



Rebecca is a standout in a world of up-and-coming novelists- according to her website, this is her first novel and it is awesome! I felt as if I was truly on the journey with the characters, and felt every moment they experienced. She artfully develops them throughout the story, and the plot is perfectly crafted so that each element has a distinct purpose. You will never be reading idly! I truly could not put it down! If you appreciate Katniss’ strength and Tris’ vigor, Tabitha’s courage and punchy attitude will certainly not leave you disappointed. I definitely am hoping for a second novel soon!!



I haven't read anything in the dystopian genre in a while, so I really enjoyed this! The omniscient point of view was great at building the tension, and made this book a real page-turner. The theme of forgiveness was my favorite part of the book, and allowed for good reflection.



Filled with bravery and determination, Tabitha shares her colorful journey to uncover a life-altering mystery and discovery. Smart, sassy, and captivating!

–Amazon Customer



Loved this book! Rebecca is a personal friend of mine, so when I purchased her book, I had "realistic" expectations for a first-time author. However, I am blown away with this novel! Rebecca's story line is compelling, and the humanity of the characters is portrayed honestly. I'd highly recommend! Can't wait for the next one!

–Beth Leverich


Loomis is an artist through and through, and she paints this dystopian world with bold and beautiful strokes. Her story captivated me from the beginning with its rich, complex characters who aren't quite what they seem, set in a future that could very well be possible. I gasped audibly several times - both at twists and turns in the plot as well as the profundity these characters achieve. Any Hunger Games, Divergent, or Fahrenheit 451 fans will enjoy this thrilling adventure! I can't wait for the sequel!!

–Rebecca Z.


I loved this book. I can not wait for the sequel. It was fast paced with great characters. Forgiveness was a central theme. It is definitely a book for our time.



Really enjoyed this story! I appreciated the evolving morality the characters displayed. It really helped me connect with them and give the novel a realistic, relatable feel. Looking forward to the second!


rating-153245 copy.png

I really enjoyed reading this book! I couldn’t put it down and I loved the character development! Can’t wait for the sequel!