I hail from the Hudson Valley, New York, where I grew up in a loving family of entrepreneurs. My parents encouraged me and provided the means for me to pursue my creative endeavors from a very early age (I'm pretty sure I was playing with Adobe Photoshop by the time I was seven). All in all, I'm indebted to them for the life I lead now!


I studied entertainment media at a small film school in California before transferring to Benedictine College, where I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in mass communications and a minor in art (2013). While in college, I was the photo editor for the yearbook, poetry editor for an art and literary magazine called Loomings, and a writer and photographer for the school newspaper.


After college, I spent three years doing state-side mission work through Saint Paul’s Outreach, a non-profit that strives to bring Catholic faith to life on college campuses. I served for one year at Arizona State University, followed by two at Texas State University. In 2016, I returned to New York and worked in digital marketing for BBG&G Advertising. I now reside in central Texas where I offer freelance services, write novels, and teach Skillshare classes.


According to Myers Briggs, I'm an INFJ personality type. I have a chunky little pug named Otis and can quote just about every line from The Emperor's New Groove. My favorite book is Mara, Daughter of the Nile, an Egyptian historical fiction. People are often surprised to learn that I was homeschooled, have dyslexia, and am 100% introverted despite being a bit of a social butterfly! I love the arts, traveling, social dancing, exploring the great outdoors, and drinking tea the English way.