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OSV Innovation Challenge

A few months ago, I was invited onto the Sherwood Fellows team to head up the visual branding and web design for one of their client projects: The OSV Innovation Challenge. We landed on a gritty, black-and-white, double-exposure photography-heavy style marked by bright pops of yellow and bold typefaces.

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CEDE: Catholic Entrepreneurship & Design Experience

It’s easy to make a brand that’s pretty and plays it safe; and it’s another thing entirely to push the boundaries of what’s “normal” to achieve something truly new and unique. That requires boldness, courage, and a willingness to take risks. Since CEDE plans to invite students to do the same, it’s fitting that their branding reflects that.

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Chicamod: Branding

Chicamod is an up-and-coming platform where African artisans can sell and distribute their crafts. The company needed a brand guide to fall back on as they set sail in developing their website and marketing materials.

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Loomis Academy: Logo

I can't count the times colleagues and coworkers have made comments along the lines of, "I never would have guessed you'd been homeschooled, you're so... normal." My parents wanted a logo and brand that would set them apart from the stereotypes and show that their kids did, in fact, get a good and proper education.

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Amado Gonzalez: Band Logo

It's hard not to love your job when it involves supporting the individuals, businesses, and bands that matter to you. I had the wonderful opportunity of designing a logo for Amado Gonzalez on the verge of his debut album, "Despite the Distance."

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