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Chicamod: Branding

Chicamod is an up-and-coming platform where African artisans can sell and distribute their crafts. The company needed a brand guide to fall back on as they set sail in developing their website and marketing materials.

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Loomis Academy: Logo

I can't count the times colleagues and coworkers have made comments along the lines of, "I never would have guessed you'd been homeschooled, you're so... normal." My parents wanted a logo and brand that would set them apart from the stereotypes and show that their kids did, in fact, get a good and proper education.

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Mario Loomis: Author Website

I wasn't the first author in this family. My dad, Mario Loomis, is on the verge of publishing his second novel: Primordium. With this milestone just around the corner, Mario wanted to take his writing to the next level with an author website. He needed something sleek that encompassed his genre and style, and I believe we found it.

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Northman Services: Website

When the logo and business cards I developed for Joe at Northman Services helped his business thrive in new ways, he was ready to take things to the next level, with a cutting-edge website that's sure to communicate to his potential clients that Joe ain't your average Joe.

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Amado Gonzalez: Band Logo

It's hard not to love your job when it involves supporting the individuals, businesses, and bands that matter to you. I had the wonderful opportunity of designing a logo for Amado Gonzalez on the verge of his debut album, "Despite the Distance."

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Sarah's Post Cards

My good friend Sarah took a chance with me by being the first person to have me create custom postcards for her! This was such a fun project and we were both so happy with the results.

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