OSV Innovation Challenge


A few months ago, I was invited onto the Sherwood Fellows team to head up the visual branding and web design for one of their client projects: The OSV Innovation Challenge. OSV—or Our Sunday Visitor—is an organization whose mission is to serve the Catholic Church and bring the faith to life. Partnering with Catholic Creatives, OSV is offering a grant of $10,000 to three different contestants, to fund their big idea. They are seeking inspired pioneers to blaze new trails of innovation in the Church. We wanted their brand image, therefore, to have an edgy and inspiring feel—one that emphasized what’s really behind every incredible initiative: people. People who are dedicated, ambitious, willing to push through the pain to reach their goals. We landed on a gritty, black-and-white, double-exposure photography-heavy style marked by bright pops of yellow and bold typefaces. Click here to see the final website.