Novel Now Open For Audiobook Auditions

Many of my readers have asked whether or not A Whitewashed Tomb will be made into an audiobook. The answer is yes! As of this week, narrators can audition to read A Whitewashed Tomb via When complete, the recording will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


How it works

Narrators on ACX can browse through projects that are open for auditions, or authors can reach out to narrators that they like. The author posts a script, which the narrator can download and use to make an audio/video audition. When the author has reviewed the auditions and decided on one, they can make a deal with the narrator as to how much the narrator will be paid (either a one-time commission or ongoing royalty percentage). Then the audiobook is recorded and produced by the narrator, approved by the author, and distributed by ACX.

How You Can Get It

The audiobook will be available on (a subscription-based audiobook service),, and the iTunes app (where you can buy the audiobook as CDs or digitally download it). The audiobook's release date is yet to be determined.