Get A Whitewashed Tomb for 99¢

It's almost Thanksgiving—and it's been almost one year since I published A Whitewashed Tomb! I'm so grateful to all of my readers who have supported me by following Tabitha's journey. As a thank you, I'm offering a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal so you can get A Whitewashed Tomb for as little as 99 cents!

Black Friday begins the Kindle Countdown Deal, where you can get the  Kindle Edition of A Whitewashed Tomb for a discounted price. Here's how it works: on November 23rd, the eBook will be at it's lowest price: $0.99. Between then and Cyber Monday, that price will inch back up to it's usual price of $5.99. Here's what you can expect:

  • Friday, Nov. 23rd: $0.99

  • Saturday, Nov. 24th: $1.99

  • Sunday, Nov. 25th: $2.99

  • Monday, Nov. 26th: $3.99

The quicker you buy, the cheaper you can add A Whitewashed Tomb to your digital bookshelf for! And let’s be real: you spend more than that on coffee. ;) Happy reading!