Two Feet


I want to swim.
I yearn to hike.
I long to kayak,
Ache to bike.

My heart is wrenched
With such conceit
For being long
Without two feet.

I thought that I
Would be okay,
That I could keep
Anger at bay.

But I’ve grown cross,
Become a brat.
I’m growing lazy,
Growing fat.

I do not want
To sit back down!
I’ll soon need Botox
For my frown.

It is so very
To spend hours

Keep the swelling down!
They say,
And so I waste
My life away.

When victory
Becomes so small
As catching yourself
Lest you fall,

It’s hard to feel
Yourself a maid
Who is accomplished,

Instead I’m broken
As my bone;
Without a purpose,
Quite alone.

I want my hammock,
Need my car.
Return my easel
And guitar!

But all was left
Behind so I
Could heal my ankle
Lest it die.

I do not loathe
The deep blue chair
With wheels that take me

But human beings
Are complex,
And currently
I’m rather vexed.

On the outside,
All’s fairly good—
I take good rest,
I eat good food.

Hell, it would seem,
Is found inside.
Not in the life,
But in the mind.

And long I’ve kept it
Out of sight.
So now I speak
My mind outright.

Not to complain,
But to be real
About the way
I truly feel.

Though I suppose
One day I’ll see
How this was somehow
Good for me,

As for right now,
The day is sweet
When I will stand
Upon two feet.

© Rebecca M. Loomis, 2016

About this poem: I am not a huge fan of useless complaint disguised as creativity. I typically avoid self-expression as the sole purpose of my poetry and use it instead to tell stories and speak truth. Nonetheless, this poem was good for me to write, because it forced me to be honest with myself. I have been off my left foot for more than three months now, and am only just beginning the road to recovery after a serious injury to my ankle. It has taught me a lot, stretched my patience and courage, and given me a new compassion for those confined to a wheel chair. Even so, I cannot deny that the experience has been more than difficult. So here is, in poetic form, the raw truth of me at my worst during this frustrating time!