Colorado Ride

In the depths of my many hard drives are countless photographs and stories I’ve forgotten about that lie dormant and unseen. Many of these hidden gems are well worth sharing, so I’ve decided to periodically dig them up, dust them off and share them with you.

In 2013, I road-tripped from Minnesota to Arizona. I saw so many amazing sights fly by the car window as the scenery gradually transformed from lush green to dry desert. Still, one of the most memorable moments of the trip (besides when one of our travelers said goodbye to his phone forever after accidentally leaving it on the roof of the car) was a simple bathroom break in Colorado. The sky threatened us with a nearing storm, the wind was thick with humidity, but the clouds tainted everything beneath it with an enchanting charm. Every color popped and I simply couldn’t resist a quick photo while my companions grabbed a bite to eat. This remains one of my favorite images from the trip.