In the depths of my many hard drives are countless photographs and stories I’ve forgotten about that lie dormant and unseen. Many of these hidden gems are well worth sharing, so I’ve decided to periodically dig them up, dust them off and share them with you.

The dancing ocean waves grew dark and treacherous as the sun set over Chincoteague, VA. It was the summer after I graduated college, during one of the last vacations my family would go on before my siblings and I dispersed into our own distinct lives. My irrational fear of sharks ushered me up the sandy slope away from the blackening water, and when I turned on my heel I saw this. The scene was surreal, like looking at a painting. The image I took with my camera looked no different than how it seemed in my eyes. Each figure was naturally silhouetted against the hazy orange sky, gradually fading the closer they moved towards the sun. The beach’s parking lot was concealed behind the hill on which they stood, making the horizon appear endless. As the blazing sun melted out of sight, it took with it the remnants of my final day in Chincoteague.