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I believe that stories shape the world.

From the earliest cave-man drawings to 21st century Hollywood films, mankind has used the art of story to communicate what really matters. Through books, movies, poetry, plays, music, dance, art, and so much more, we've celebrated and lamented fragments of what it means to be human. A story can ignite passion, inspire heroism, instill hope.

For love of my fellow earthlings and this life we all share, I've embarked on writing stories in the genre of dystopian fiction. My debut novel, A Whitewashed Tomb, is about a young woman named Tabitha, whose only chance at finding her estranged father is to hunt him down for the corrupt authorities. (Read more here.)

Tabitha's story isn't over, and with your help, it can continue through a platform called Patreon.

It's simple: With your support of just a few bucks per month, I can prioritize writing the sequel to A Whitewashed Tomb. Without you, I have to set Tabitha aside for less exciting projects that pay for my groceries. Will you make the pledge to support good stories?

When you join my team of patrons, you'll get to be part of the writing process with me. Depending on your pledge level, you'll have access to early drafts, live video chat sessions, exclusive material not included in the book, glimpses into my process, a book club study guide, the real and raw side of lil ol' me, and more.

Writing is a lonely business. I'm so happy to have you along for the journey. From Tabitha, Ambrose, and all your fictional friends in A Whitewashed Tomb, THANK YOU for your support!




Privileged ($1+)

You're officially a patron! You'll be acknowledged by name on a special page in the back of all books published while you're a patron! In addition, you'll receive access to my patron-only feed, which will feature updates, glimpses into my processes, and snippets of daily life. My legendary pug, Otis, may make an appearance.

Apprentice ($3+)

You've made it to Providence School for Higher Education, where (as Lilith Damara would say) anything is possible! In addition to the previous tier's rewards, you'll get access to patron-only polls and weekly live video chat sessions where you can ask me anything!

Elder ($5+)

You've completed your entry-level apprenticeship; you may now cross through the elder gates! You can also read extra material not included in A Whitewashed Tomb, like deleted scenes and character backstories, and download a book club study guide for A Whitewashed Tomb, filled with meaty discussion questions.

Provision Elite ($10+)

That's right: elite perks for the whole family! You now have access to early drafts of the sequel of A Whitewashed Tomb(at least 1 chapter per month and frequent scene sneak peeks), in all its rough, unedited glory. Whew! That's vulnerable...

Headmistress ($20+)

You've overthrown Lilith Damara and have taken her seat as headmistress of Providence School for Higher Education! WOW. THANK YOU. You get a signed copy of A Whitewashed Tomb and all future book releases! (If I can figure out how to give you the Kindle version as well, I will most certainly do so.) You will also be featured in a special section of my patrons page in the back of books published while you're a patron.

You spend more than that on coffee. Put it toward the arts!