Primordium: Book Design


The truth is, people do judge books by their covers. You can have an extremely well-written, engaging story—but if its formatting screams "amateur," people will assume the content is, too. Good books deserve good design.

My dad's latest novel, Primordium, will be coming out soon, and I was privileged to design its cover and interior. The book is a medical thriller that explores what it means to be human, and what it means to be a monster.

Seventeen-year-old Noah Bolton is having the time of his life. His job at the biotech giant, Pridapt Incorporated, has earned him a college scholarship, the admiration of his peers, and even the eye of Zoe Halpern, the most popular girl at school. When Pridapt starts to push the boundaries of what is morally acceptable in modern medicine, however, Noah gets caught in the crossfire of corporate greed. Pridapt’s revolutionary cure and upcoming vaccine for cancer will expose millions to the DNA of a monster, hidden in the research facility. As covered-up side effects escalate to murder, Noah must decide whether or not to risk his personal interests to expose the truth.