Northman Services: Branding


"Do you have a card on you?" Joe at Northman Services found himself empty handed one too many times at this question, and his business felt the blow. He wasn't about to settle for a "brand aid," however. He wanted a streamlined look across all marketing platforms that would communicate what made his handyman services unique. His logo and branding needed to express that Joe wasn't your average Joe mowing lawns and pulling weeds. He asked to deviate from the typical trees and equipment that are commonly associated with contract work and instead highlight the strength, dependability and attention to detail that set him apart from his competitors. Keeping with the Nordic theme of his brand name, this logo was created, with the fun and catchy tag line, "Fit for the Gods!"

RLM took my abstract idea and made it reality. The logo Rebecca designed is catching a lot of attention and my business is doing very well because of it. There is no compromise in Rebecca’s work; the quality is professional and the price is fair. I highly recommend her services.
— Joe