Loomis Plastic Surgery


Dr. Loomis needed a website makeover; specifically one that was up to modern web standards and fully responsive. As of 2016, mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. He needed a website that was accessible from all devices, gave users plenty of one-click ways to contact him for a free consultation, and a look that expressed his professionalism and kind bedside manner.


The process involved three major steps: organization, design and construction. After meeting with Dr. Loomis, we decided on a website map, re-purposed as much of his old content as possible and determined what new content needed to be acquired or created. Based on his described vision, I came up with a few ideas for the visual aspect of the site. 

Since no branding colors were in place, the purple, green and white palette was carefully selected to be crisp and clean but not too sterile, conveying his personal professionalism. It also paired well visually with skin tones.

To ensure low long-term maintenance, ease of use and self-updating functionality, I used the platform Squarespace to construct the site. Dr. Loomis was not only pleased with how it looked and functioned, he also saw an immediate increase in free consultation form submissions, which had been his primary goal.

Rebecca did an outstanding job redesigning our website. Plastic surgery website design is a very competitive arena, and what she made for us is top of the line. It’s appealing, informative, and a breeze to use on all devices. If you want your website to represent you and your business clearly with artistry and class, I highly recommend Rebecca Loomis Media.
— Dr. Loomis, Loomis Plastic Surgery, NY


Another time Dr. Loomis came to me was for a series of print ads, which needed to have a consistent look despite the differing dimensions required for each publication they'd run in. The message was a sweet and simple play on words: "What have you got to lose?"