My novel is now available!


This is it! After years of planning, writing, and editing, A Whitewashed Tomb is now available on! And since I think you should be able to bring your personal book collection with you wherever you go, I've made it so that if you buy the paperback you get the kindle version for free. Happy reading!

Huge thank you to my family and friends who encouraged me along the way, beta read and copyedited my manuscript, and challenged me to write the best novel I could possibly write. I couldn't have done it without y'all.

About the book

Tabitha’s mother is dying, and her father was supposed to do something about it. Instead, he abandoned their family to fend for themselves as lower-class Privileged. When Tabitha discovers that her father is a fugitive from an elite institute for the upper Provision class, she makes it her mission to get there. Upon arrival, however, she’s recruited to assist in his capture. Unsure of his guilt, Tabitha is caught between revenge and rescue. As the dark truths of their picture-perfect institute come to light, Tabitha is faced with a choice: to cling to her three-year grudge, or to risk it all for those she vowed she would never love.